The new Practi-Man Plus Manikin is coming soon! This brilliant new manikin has a range of features including providing feedback on the depth, speed and release when performing compressions. This gives invaluable feedback to the instructor and reinforces training for the students. Ideal for enhanced CPR or BLS training each manikin has it's own device, simply switch it on and push down on the manikin to pair. Available from October 2019 - Call us for more information on 01206 809538


  • Feedback without using laptops or ipads
  • No need for students to download apps to their personal phones
  • Feedback on depth, speed and the release when performing compressions
  • Use for training use of OPI airways
  • Jaw thrust technique can also be practiced on this manikin

    This manikin can be used with face shields or the face skin can be changed between students, this is quick and easy (and environmentally friendly option ) and the added benefit is that in the long-term this can be more cost effective as they can be washed easily after each course and re-used. Packs of face skins are available for all manikins, for more information see our accessories and spares page

The latex-free skin is easily wiped clean, making them ideal to use during AED Training.

Please call us on 01206 809538

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