Practi-Baby Infant Manikin

This latest manikin from Practi-Man is the most life-like infant manikin on the market and comes with a jacket and shorts that can be easily removed for washing. The manikin can be moved into various positions including sitting and the head moves side-to-side and the tilt allows correct head placement when opening the airway.

The exclusive Practi-Man breathing system includes the realistic nose function and as with all manikins in this range, exhaled air is discharged in the back of the head for better infection control. The infant manikin is also available in a kit designed for instructors which includes 3 adult/child manikins and 3 infant manikins in a wheeled bag.

The Practi-baby can be used to demonstrate and practice OP Airway simply by removing the valve and lungs.

This manikin can be used with face shields or the face skin can be changed between students, this is quick and easy (and environmentally friendly option ) and the added benefit is that in the long-term this can be more cost effective as they can be washed easily after each course and re-used. Packs of face skins are available for all manikins, for more information see our accessories and spares page

The latex-free skin is easily wiped clean, making them ideal to use during AED Training.

Single Unit Code - PB-1 without Bag or PB-1BAG with bag

Four Pack Unit Code PB-4 without Bag or PB-4BAG with large bag

What is included - Single Manikin - PB-001

The Practi-Baby comes with 5 Lungs and 2 Valves with optional carry-bag.

single unit with bag

Pack of Four Standard Manikins - PB-004

The four pack is available with or without the carry-bag and includes 20 Lungs and 8 Valves

four pack

Spares and Accessories

Face skins, chest skins. replacement valves and lungs are available. For more information about accessories and spares for Practi-Man and Practi-Baby Range, please click here

spares for practibaby


During training each student should be provided with either an individual face or face-shield to use to practice rescue breaths. The lung should be changed after each course and the valve cleaned according to the instructions provided in the manual. The face and chest skin should be cleaned in accordance with the instructions.

practibaby leaflet

Product Information

  • Realistic chest compressions
  • Latex Free
  • Audible clicker option on/off
  • Head moves side-to-side
  • OP airway training
  • Easy clean skin ideal for AED training pads
  • Available with or without carry bag
  • Additional torso and face skins available
  • Comes with removable top and shorts

Single purchase Practiman Practi-Baby Manikin CPR Dummy

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