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General Product Information

2 year warranty


Practi-Man products are latex free and come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

They have a unique functioning nose and a valve designed to ensure that exhaled air is directed through the back of the head, providing added protection against infection.

The Standard, Advanced and Plus Practiman have optional child and adult settings so they can be used for CPR practice for both Adults and Children.

The Practi-Baby manikin has a clicker option that can be turned on or off.

All have skin that is ideal for use with AED Training Pads as they will leave no residue.

All are designed to be robust yet lightweight and easy to carry.

Practi-Man Manikins

The Practi-Man range includes the Standard Manikin, Advanced, Plus and Practi-Baby Manikin. Robust but lightweight, these affordable manikins are easy to carry and come with a variety of impressive features including audible clicker and hygienic airway system which vents exhaled air out of the back of the head of the manikins to prevent infection.

The Practi-Man Plus Manikin has the added advantage of providing electronic CPR feedback on the depth, speed and release of compressions, direct to the learner and instructor without the need to use handheld devices, computers or asking learners to download apps to their own mobile phones making it ideal for teaching enhanced CPR or BLS

The standard and advanced manikins can be used to practice CPR for adults and children simply by changing the setting using the switch on the back of the manikin, the Pract-Man Plus is changed between adult and child electronically.

All manikins are available as single units or in packs of four, we also have an Instructor Pack that includes 3 Adult/Child Manikins and 3 Infant Manikins which come in a quality wheeled bag.

Trade or wholesale accounts are available for companies who are reselling first aid equipment, subject to minimum orders.

Practi-Man Range

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